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A Hand To Hold Keychain
A Hand To Hold Keychain
A Hand To Hold Keychain
A Hand To Hold Keychain

A Hand To Hold Keychain

OKAY, maybe it's not the *worst* feeling, but losing your keys when you're trying to get out the door, or get your toddler into their carseat, or make it to a meeting when you're already late...

it's one of life's little frustrations. I came up with this keychain one day when I lost my keys. It took me a long time to find them. And then, once I did, I wanted comfort. I wondered if I could make a keychain that would offer emotional support. (I ask too much of my objects, maybe.) Anyway, this is a hand to hold, for you. Here's to keeping it all together. Or doing our best trying. 


3" x 1.25" w/ .75" keyring, enamel 
created by People I've Loved