Gift Idea #56

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Make a donation to an organization you know they love!

Here are a few of our faves: 

Miami Girls Rock Camp

- O, Miami

- Oolite Arts

- Pelican Harbor Seabird Station

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The 14th of February

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My first memorable Valentine's experience was in Kindergarten. We decorated shoe boxes, placed them on our desks, and then distributed the valentines we had chosen to every person in the room. At the end of the day, I had a whole collection of fun, cute cards from my classmates. 

It's simple, but it made me feel I was a part of something bigger. 

That's what Valentine's is all about. Ignore the pressure to be at any specific point in a romantic relationship. You can feel and give love whether your single, heartbroken, or blissfully in love.

Use this holiday to celebrate being a part of humanity. Love is being a part of something bigger, and it's a good feeling.

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A gift is an investment in a relationships

You've heard that investing your time and money is wise, right? You invest in technology companies or grocery stores, because you expect a return on your money. You put in $50, you get out $75.

One of the many reasons to give a gift is because it makes a return. It shows someone you care. Then one day, you might need something and that friend has your back.

Giving a gift doesn't buy their friendship; it helps to strengthen it.

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Why Boobies?

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There's been a lot of artists lately making female body part related work. And while, yes, sure, boobs are attractive, that isn't the reason for our adamant support. 

We feature pieces that celebrate these uniquely feminine body parts because we believe in girl power and the re-claiming of a woman's body as her own, and not something to be ogled or objectified by other people.

We celebrate boobs because they give life, comfort and represent the love and strength that is oh so, uniquely feminine!


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Let's Talk Loofah

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Our Loofah Gourd seed packets are about 30 GIFTIES in one!

Not only is the seed packet a beautiful tiny art piece, but the seeds inside grow into a beautiful vine that produces cute little yellow flowers.

Those flowers then turn into gourds, and the gourds, when dried out, become loofah sponges.

So when gifting loofah, you can give seed packets or grow the vine yourself and give sponges.

AWESOME BONUS: When you gift these natural sponges, you'll also be giving Mother Earth a gift by replacing those ol' nature-killing plastic scrubbies. Double Win! 🌎

Loofahs = gift on gift on gift on gift... 

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