Imagine a gang gang working to create super fun gift ideas and a shop full of really cool things. Could such a place exist? Only in your mind maybe? You may think it’s too good to be true?
Well, I’m here to tell you that Gifty GANG GANG is such a place!
We are makers and thinkers always on the look out for inspiring gifts to help you share celebrations, gratitude, and love. Our curated selection of super cute fun stuff will be ever changing because we are always on the look out and discovering new products and emerging artists, creating an endless celebration of individuality. 
And best of all, your purchase helps support small businesses and artists starting with Miami and beyond. We will always feel and appreciate your support! (That makes all of us feel good, doesn’t it?)
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Thanks for joining the Gifty Gang Gang! We’re excited to have you on board, it's going to be fun adventure 🚀

Beth Rhodes
 Artist based in Miami via Mississippi. She is the name behind (or in front of…) bethmade paintings and illustrations.
Her work
is centered around exploring the connections that we have with each other and the world around us. 
Frenchy Mingo
Miami born and raised. Took a leap across the pond and lived in London for several years before returning. Frenchy brings over 15 years of customer service and hospitality experience to Gifty GG.
Her passion for flowers, food, wine and music has taken her around the globe and delivered much creativity that allows her to share her love of bringing joy to others.