two gold tin candles with the 'Lavnoir' written on the side, candles by Buena Vista Candle Co
Lavnoir Gold Tin Candle

Buena Vista Candle Co.

Lavnoir Gold Tin Candle

Lavnoir (French Lavender + Dark Sea Salt) Soy Candle

An opulent dusk-inspired aroma comprised of French lavender and dark sea salt, Lavnoir is an ode to life's richest moments. Capturing the oceanic scent of sand during the light waning hours, deep florals gather to form a relaxing blend perfect for winding down, meditation, or a serene evening with loved ones. 


Practice good candle etiquette to ensure that your candle burning experience is optimally maximized. One branded box of matches included.

4 oz. soy candle w/cotton wick 
20-30 hours of burn time
no toxic additives 
created by Buena Vista Candle Co.