The Fast and The Orpheus
The Fast and The Orpheus

O, Miami

The Fast and The Orpheus

A Zine of Fast & Furious Poetry


A zine of poems and illustrations inspired by The Fast and The Furious movie franchise exploring the undeniable popularity and accessibility of the films. The poems embrace the franchise's themes of family, death, responsibility, speed, and identity, spoken in the voices of the film's characters in addition to the voice of the moviegoer who struggles to contextualize the excess of the films in a mundane and brutal reality. The zine was designed and illustrated by Noah Levy and published in conjunction with the 2 Poetry 2 Ferrari project during O, MIAMI 2017.


"The Fast and the Orpheus is a book of poems written by Han and rescued from the wreckage of his RX-7 by Dave Landsberger just before Deckard Shaw sets it on fire."

- P. Scott Cunningham




12 pages  
poems copyright Dave Landsberger 2017